Apply for a grant
Process for organizations to request grants from Tahoe-Incline Rotary
Each Quarter the Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline accepts funding requests from local charities, nonprofits, clubs, and other not-for-profit organizations in the Incline area.
Typically, the maximum amount awarded per grant is $1,000. However, funding requests can range from $500 to $2,500 or more, with the actual amount granted based on perception of need and fund availability.
Grant applicants are expected to make a 5-minute presentation regarding the request at the club’s board meeting. The board of directors will review the request and either accept or deny it, notifying the applicant of the decision shortly thereafter.
All funds distributed through this monthly grant-making process are raised by our club’s annual fundraising event, and the Rotary Raffle. The amount of money raised by these events directly affects how much funding is available for distribution throughout the year.
We may ask applicants who receive grants to help in raising money for future grants. All applicants will be asked to consider and suggest ways in which they can help raise money through ticket sales, auction item donations, etc.
Be sure you meet all of the requirements listed below BEFORE completing the application.
 All requests must:
  • Benefit the Incline community.
  • Be for specific items such as computers, uniforms, equipment, instruments, etc.
  • Show other sources of support if the requested amount is above $500.00
While not an absolute requirement, a copy of your current budget and income-expense report should be attached to the application. Preference will be given to organizations that do so.
  • Funds are not awarded to individuals.
  • Funds are not awarded for general operating expenses, salaries, tuition, travel, or tournament entry fees.
  • Funds are not awarded to "for profit" businesses.
To apply:
  1. Determine that your request meets the above guidelines and restrictions.
  2. Complete the on-line application.
  3. If sending budget and income-expense reports, email them directly to
  4. Be prepared to make a five-minute presentation at our board meeting. Board meetings are held at 8.30 am on the first Thursday of the month at the Hyatt Incline. You will be notified by the Rotary Club secretary which upcoming meeting you should attend.
If you have questions about the funding process, please contact us at:
You will be notified whether or not your funding request was approved within two weeks after you present at the Rotary board meeting.
If you receive funding, you will be expected to:
  • Fulfill your obligation to help with future fundraising, per your application.
  • Display Rotary’s logo where it is highly visible to show Rotary’s support of the project.
  • Send a photo of your group to our grant chairman.
  • Write a thank you note so that we can post in local media.